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Design plans are essential for building approval, the time and cost to reach the building approval stage will depend heavily on the experience of your designer. Why?... Council codes are comprehensive and can be a minefield for both new and experienced operators.

It’s the minor things that can have
a huge impact on your project costs

  • Council defined street frontage
  • Location of work on your property
  • Boundary locations
  • Design requirements

The answer is not always obvious and is why experience can save you money...

An Experienced Brisbane Building Designer Will Explore All Options...

An experienced designer knows QLD building codes, city council codes and district local planning requirements and how these will affect your proposed design and construction requirements. All costs, constraints and design options will be discussed prior to commencing design work.

- Pre-design analysis
- Present recommendations to client
- Plans designed to client specifications
- Plans submitted and approvals received

UPSIDE: You Are Completely Informed

Sometimes a D.A. is inevitable but you should be confident all options are considered from the beginning

Sometimes a Good Designer Can Cost You More...

While a good building designer will correctly identify the need for a development application, they may not be aware of potential ways for designing to their clients requirements and remaining within the council codes, saving their client the cost of a Development Application.

- Plans correctly drawn
- Development application identified
- Plans correctly submitted to council
- Approval received

DOWNSIDE: Potential Costs Savings Not Identified

Sometimes a D.A. is inevitable but you should be confident all options are considered from the beginning

An Inexperience Designer Will Cost You More...

If the building plans are not prepared properly you will not recieve building approval from council, this can be caused by incorrect interpretation of council codes, incorrect boundary offsets or an inability to identify when a development application is required to meet client / council needs.

- Plans rejected by council
- Recommendations sought for compliance
- Plans redrawn to meet council requirements
- Plans resubmitted and approved

DOWNSIDE: Time | Costs | Compromised Design

Sometimes a D.A. is inevitable but you should be confident all options are considered from the beginning

Local planning is not black and white...

While small lots, character and DCP properties are easy to identify, interpreting the applicable codes and achieving the most from your designs within council code restraints is no simple task.

A good designer...

- will listen to your design requirements and deliver a very livable and aesthetically pleasing home.

An experienced designer...

- will also provide options that consider the relevant council codes…

At SEQ Building Design we believe the choice should be yours...

- A compromise on your design while saving you the cost of a Development Application
- An agreed middle ground
- Your exact specifications with the cost of a Development Application

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Structural (Working) Drawings for…

  • Retaining Wall Drafting
  • Build over Sewer / Storm water Drafting
  • Footings, foundations, slab on ground
  • Wall framing (concrete panel, block, steel, timber, fire separated)
  • Suspended floor (concrete, timber and steel frame)
  • Roof beams (timber, steel)

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