House Extensions for the Brisbane Entertainer…

House Extensions for the Brisbane Entertainer…

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Need more space? Can’t decide whether to add a WHOLE lot more space to your home or how to add the right space? The larger the house extension work the dearer the cost, so examining your requirements and designing the configuration can deliver a more cost effective solution and help you achieve the perfect home without completely rebuilding that is.

In Brisbane, renovating for more space is often associated with raising and building in under; because of the timber construction of many Queenslanders, building in under provides an excellent means of doubling the available space in your home, but this can be too much for some families and younger homeowners who value functionality over… say 5+ bedrooms!

For some family homes which only require minor additions such as more entertaining space or an additional bedroom/bathroom (or both) raising and building in under can seem excessive. In the last 12 months we have seen the number of rear house extensions steadily increase while the volume of raise and builds remained consistent. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of families who love the character of their Queenslander and are currently designing their perfect family home, it’s that we are also seeing younger couples focusing their renovation spend on enhancing their personal comfort and home entertainment potential.

House Extensions In Our Experience

On reviewing previous house extension projects we have noted a lot of similarities between the final design outcomes of our client’s projects who were seeking to extend their Brisbane homes.

Brisbane House Extensions

We have noted majority of house extensions are located to the rear of the home, this is a reflection of BCC code requirements in many cases, and also enables the design to take advantage of privacy and yard access. Home extension projects have consistently included an additional bedroom, walk-in robe (W.I.R.) and ensuite, along with deck extension / additions that have a heavy focus on configuring the home to achieve a seamless integration between internal and external living spaces. The outcome for our clients is the perfect Brisbane entertainer.

Rear House Extension Brisbane

The Average House Extension

Extension sizes has been between 60 – 80 sqm*
Extension costs have come in between $140,000 – $200,000**

*inclusive of deck additions
**we note the gap has generally be a reflection on difference in finish

Benefits of extending rather than build-in under…

  • The simple configurations of Queenslanders lend themselves well to rear extensions
  • In many cases costly rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms can be retained
  • Total project costs are substantially less than building in under
  • Better accessibility is achieved with your home remaining on a single level
  • Depending on the work, you don’t need to move out for a period of time

The downsides of extending are…

  • You may be limited to the size of additional space you can add to your home
  • Some existing home configurations are difficult (costly) to achieve the right outcome
  • Depending on BCC codes and infrastructure relating to the property, extension work can be restricted

We also understand that each of our clients have individual requirements, ideas and also challenges that need to be addressed during the design stage and is what we love about working on Brisbane homes.

House Extension Brisbane

If you choose SEQ Building Design for your house extension project, you gain the benefit of 20 years of home design experience, a company that specializes in Brisbane extension and renovation plans and the peace of mind of fixed price quoting for all your pre-construction planning and approval requirements.

Thinking about extending your Brisbane home? Contact SEQ Building Design on 07 3257 7224 for an exploratory chat about your design requirements.


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