Pre-Purchase Renovation Feasibility Study

Being 'Renovation Prepared' can save you money and a whole lot of renovation hassle.

Who is the SEQ Building Design Renovation Feasibility Study for?

About to buy a property…

Are you about to purchase a renovator and are unsure on renovation costs or the potential hidden costs associated? Our Feasibility Study can help steer you clear of projects that are in excess of your renovation budget and will likely lead to over capitalization.

Just bought a property…

You own the property and are new to the area and want to know what can be done and the best way to go about it? Our Feasibility Study can help guide you toward the best design options for your new home in the most cost effective manner.

Financing a major renovation…

Currently investigating finance options for a major home renovation and want to get a thorough understanding of the costs, challenges and requirements for your planned home renovation prior to proceeding with finance applications, design plans and construction quotes.

What's included with the SEQ Building Design Feasibility Study?

Project Costs

If the location of your home of the proposed design is subject to planning controls, we will provide estimations on the additional cost of these controls specific to your project.

We will provide construction estimates specific for your proposed renovation.

Detailed Project Requirements

We will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your project design requirements and the reasons for the planned improvements. We can then best address how your plans will work within Brisbane’s regulatory and construction environments.

Project Challenges

Can you achieve what you want within your local council's planning controls, if not, what regulations will be triggered?

Based on your design requirements, what challenges will your project be subject to when building, are there alternatives that will lead to a better outcome.

Project Recommendations

Overcoming regulatory challenges
Receive advice on the best course of action to avoid or reduce the severity of planning controls for your planned renovation. We will also provide alternative options for your consideration.

Overcoming construction challenges
With your construction challenges already identified, we will provide recommendations for improving on the costs and quality for your planned construction.

When should you get an SEQ Building Design Feasibility Study?

  • To avoid exceeding your budget
    There are two main reasons a major renovation can go over budget, construction costs and planning control costs, the chances of these happening can be greatly reduced with a thorough understanding of what challenges are involved in your proposed renovation before you are financially committed.
  • To avoid compromising on your design because of construction restrictions
    There is no shortage of free advice when it comes to a major renovation, the hardest part is sifting through all the information and to find the right information. Some careful planning early on can ensure you make the right decisions for your home and your budget.
  • To avoid going WAY over budget because your property is subject to costly planning controls
    Regulations are constantly changing in Brisbane and surrounding councils, unless you are working with these regulations on a daily basis it's very easy to get caught out, small mistakes can lead to thousands of dollars in costs.

Feasibility Study Report Inclusions

  • Existing property details
  • Existing configuration
  • Areas of property that will be affected by proposed work
  • Property dimensions - for homes not meeting council code requirements
  • Proposed home configuration
  • Regulatory codes affecting the proposed work
  • Requirements to meet regulatory codes
  • Pre-construction cost estimates
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Design and building process
  • Role of other consultants required to be engages for your project
  • Recommendations based on individual project requirements
  • Recommendation on regulatory restrictions
  • Recommendations on boundary offsets
  • Advise on sewer / stormwater / flood and overland flow issues
  • Recommendations on building height restrictions
  • Advice on design considerations
  • Recommendations for keeping within budget
  • Project timeframes
  • Building approval concerns
  • Development application concerns

How to arrange a Feasibility Study for your property

Call SEQ Building Design on 07 3257 7224

We will arrange a time for you to meet with a member of our team at the property you would like the Feasibility Study for. You will need access to the property so if you don't currently own the property please ensure you have inspection approval from the owner or real estate agent.

Meet, Inspect and Measure

On average it takes us about an hour to complete the inspection phase of the Feasibility Study. Within this hour we will discuss your requirements and perform the necessary inspections and measurements which will enable us to complete your report.

Compile your Feasibility Study

On completion of the inspection we will return to our office and complete the required planning searches, cost estimations and review the design requirements for your proposed renovation.

Delivery of your Feasibility Study

Your feasibility study will be delivered to your inbox via email within a few days.

What does an SEQ Building Design Feasibility Study Cost?

1hr Meeting + Site Inspection and Measure, Complete Planning Control Searches and Construction Estimates, Compile Feasibility Study + Recommendations
$450 + G.S.T.

Call SEQ Building Design on 07 3257 7224

If you are about to purchase a property, own a property and about to renovate or investigating finance options for a major renovation to book your Feasibility Study today.

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