Structural Engineering Complements (not conflicts with) Smart Home Design…

Structural Engineering Complements (not conflicts with) Smart Home Design…

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Continuity between design and structural engineering requirements are vital for achieving the best results from your Brisbane renovation or new home project… Just ask your builder?

Creating brilliant open living spaces, seamlessly integrating outdoor and indoor living spaces, ensuring accessibility for small or narrow lots or just achieving a certain look requires a means for construction.

At SEQ Building Design we won’t dilute your design with ill-informed structural choices!

Design and Structural Engineering Services - Wavell Heights

Using a designer that has a comprehensive understanding of both Brisbane home design and structural engineering disciplines enables your designs to push well past the point of average without fear of incurring the cost of re-work at the structural engineering stage.

Design and Structural Engineering Services - Home Extension

Eliminating Planning Conflicts is Easy…

There are issues that come from working with a separate Brisbane house designers and structural engineers:


House Designer

Structural Engineer

Getting familiar with the property
Getting familiar with client requirements
Measuring up the property
Ensure all design work is structurally viable
Ensure all design elements are addressed

Rather than relying on separate service providers for your home design and structural engineering plans, where you’re charged for an overlap of work and there is potential for interpretation issues (common when organizing multiple contractors), consider a home building designer who can offer both services under the one roof.

Benefits of using one provider…

SEQ Building Design

Separate Designer / Engineer

One Point of Contact Yes No
One Set of Plans Yes No
Cost Effective (No Overlap of Services) Yes No

The liability rests with the one company (SEQ Building Design), during construction your builder won’t have to battle with multiple contractors to get a straight answer if the need arises and you can be confident your house design is completed with full consideration for the structural engineering work required.

Structural Engineering Projects

Getting the best price for structural engineering plans…

Quoting on structural engineering plans is far more effective and accurate once your home design plans have been completed.

At SEQ Building Design our design plans are drawn with structural engineering necessities always top of mind, so our Brisbane design plans area easy to create structural engineering plans from, coupled with our prior design knowledge of your property, once we have created architectural plans for your home we are very confident our structural engineering price will beat any quote you receive.

If you have already completed design plans for your Brisbane home, contact us for a quote to produce your structural engineering plans.

Click Here for more information on SEQ Building Design’s Structural Engineering Services

If you would like to discuss design and engineering options or would like to discuss plans for your Brisbane home call SEQ Building Design on 07 3257 7224.


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