Brisbane Residential Subdivisions

Specialists in Brisbane residential sub-divisions and infill projects

SEQ Building Design ensures the integrity of your Resdential Subdivision from Concept, Design, Engineering, Approval and Construction.

SEQ Building Design specialize in Brisbane residential sub-divisions and infill projects. We are experienced in managing Brisbane subdivisions for small lots, difficult / sloping lots, character / DCP affected sites, blocks requiring partial or full demolition and removal of existing structures.

We have extensive working knowledge of Brisbane’s sub-divisional code requirements and our professional knowledge carries through to building design, engineering and Brisbane construction requirements.

Our experience preparing D.A.’s for complex residential and multi-residential projects has equipped the SEQ Building Design team with an extensive understanding of the regulatory issues and conditions of subdivision developments that are imposed by the Queensland Development Code (QDC), with Brisbane residential subdivisions proving a natural extension of our professional service offering to the Brisbane property market.

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Why Choose SEQ Building Design for your Structural Engineering...

In addition to managing your Brisbane subdivision planning requirements, we will review your proposed requirements against the likelihood of success, likely costs, potential pitfalls and issues that will need to be addressed prior to lodgment, in many cases there will be more than one viable solution available.

Every Brisbane residential subdivision project we manage is done so with the minimum of expense, while keeping you informed each step of the way, we can even design and engineer your proposed structures once your new lots are in place.

Having an experienced operator on your side ensures the complex regulatory requirements associated with sub-divisions are handled efficiently, all correspondence covered on your behalf and a single point of contact throughout the process.

SEQ Building Design Structural Engineering Services Include…

  • Development Assessment
  • Town Planning
  • Surveys & Development Drawings
  • Council Application Assessment and Submission Requests
  • Public Notification - Signage, newspapers & letters
  • Design & Engineering of Operational Works
  • Permits & Certifications
  • Coordination of Civil & Operational Works
  • Compliance Report of Council’s ‘Conditions of Development’
  • Plan Sealing & Registration

Why SEQ Building Design...

  • Eliminate surprises and restore certainty...

    You will be advised on building costs, home floor plan configuration options and structural considerations for your house raise and build in design plans. You will also be guided through local area and site specific regulations so your completed house design plans will comply with stringent town planning and BCC standards.

  • Experienced designers for complex or restrictive sites...

    House lifting can be a challenge for many homes in Brisbane with DCP or Character code restrictions, small or narrow lots affecting the design and costs of your project; the SEQ Building Design team has been designing for Queenslanders for over 20 years and we know how to achieve the most from your project while meeting budget requirements and BCC regulations.

  • Simplify the building approval process...

    SEQ Building Design create individual plans to suit your requirements, supplying your builder with drawings required to gain certification and build your new home, your way!

Talk to us about your project!

SEQ Building Design provide ALL your pre-building requirements and building approval. Concepts, full working drawings, assessments, approvals and inspections from the one company… all you need to do is engage a builder.

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