Builders Plans for Brisbane Houses

Add value to your construction projects with an experienced building design team

SEQ Building Design have been providing house building plans for Brisbane based builders for over 20 years, we are experienced home building designers and drafters, with a thorough understanding of the Brisbane code requirements and how home design decisions directly affect a home's construction.

Benefits of SEQ Building Design House Building Plans

  • Best practice design plans result in a stress free house build and a positive result for your client
  • A single set of co-ordinated plans to work from, drafting plans and working drawings are from the one provider
  • Benefit from an experienced team
  • Our home designs factor in engineering practicalities
  • Our designers work alongside our engineers eliminating conflicts.
  • DCP, Character and Small Lot Experience! We also do Development Applications
We specialize in design and structural plans for Brisbane homes affected by character, DCP and small lot codes and have saved home owners thousands while averting countless headaches for home builders.

There are a number of home builders who choose SEQ Building Design to draft their home building plans because of our experience with council codes and industry knowledge (see builders testimonials below) but rather than take our word for it, call and have a chat to us about your next house build project.

If you see value in the information we provide and reckon we know what we’re talking about, let us quote on your design and structural drafting plans – it’s all completed under the one roof.

House Building Plans for…

  • New Home Design
  • Raise and Build In Under Design
  • Major Extensions / Renovations Design
  • Deck Addition Design
  • Carport and Garage Design

Engineering Plans for…

  • Retaining Wall Drafting
  • Build over Sewer / Storm water Drafting
  • Footings, foundations, slab on ground
  • Wall framing (concrete panel, block, steel, timber, fire separated)
  • Suspended floor (concrete, timber and steel frame)
  • Roof beams (timber, steel)

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