What’s the deal with Brisbane Building Designers?

What’s the deal with Brisbane Building Designers?

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We often get asked by Brisbane home owners investigating house renovation option ‘Why do I need a building designer? I know what I want!’. This is a great question because we agree that nobody knows their home better than someone who lives in that home; we have learned though, that the design process is not so much about telling someone what they need, but more about asking the right questions to encourage our clients to expand their design considerations, cause let’s be honest, renovating is not a cheap exercise and developing a strong plan of attack in the beginning can ensure years of satisfaction well after completion.

To answer the question ‘What’s the deal with Brisbane Building Designers?’ A building designer’s role is to determine the most cost effective, user friendly and practical solutions for your proposed home that will not only look good but also meet your individual requirements, whether it is a family home or bachelor pad or somewhere in-between.

Whether you are planning a new build, an extension or renovation to an existing building or just raising your house, a building designer can deliver the plans that will ensure your construction is an effortless and stress free experience.

Brisbane Building Designers

At SEQ Building Design we are a member of the Building Design Association of Queensland and also licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (Formally the Queensland Building Services Authority) for residential and low-rise multi-residential design.

As a building designer in Brisbane our role is to prepare your working drawings. A full set of working drawings are assembled from your ideas and delivered in the form of design and engineering plans, plus any required supporting documentation such as surveys, soil testing, property searches etc.

A good building designer will highlight and address all site and existing structural concerns during the preparation of plans for your proposed home, ensuring the proposed work meets local planning and building codes and is sufficiently detailed to satisfy council approval requirements and provide all the information to enable builders to accurately quote your project and to build to your brief.

Brisbane Building Designer Plans

With over 20 years operating as a building designer in Brisbane, our knowledge and experience extends across town planning and other regulations relevant to Brisbane residential projects, this enables the SEQ Building Designers to provide advice and assistance in these areas where required. At SEQ Building Design we also manage the council approval process for our clients, essentially taking responsibility for the integrity of our proposed design work.

Although we are a one-stop shop for all your pre-construction needs, we see the first consideration for anyone considering designing their home to find someone with whom they can easily communicate, who listens to your ideas and is adept enough to offer constructive advice which will enhances what you are seeking to achieve with your Brisbane home. This connection is important to the success of any home design and is why we encourage a face-to-face meeting at our clients proposed property prior to delivering a design proposal.

Thinking about renovating? Contact SEQ Building Design on 07 3257 7224 for an exploratory chat about your requirements.


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