Feasibility of Major House Renovations in Brisbane

Feasibility of Major House Renovations in Brisbane

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There is no shortage of online information detailing the potential hidden costs of a major house renovation, but what you won’t read is how these costs will specifically affect your property, how much you should budget and if or how these potential hidden costs can be avoided.

Having the right information at the very beginning, before you spend your hard earned money on plans, construction, or even the purchase of a property can help determine the feasibility of your proposed Brisbane renovation work.

It is no secret that houses are full of unknowns (gets worse the older the house is); it’s why property sale contracts include a condition for building and pest inspections. Even if your home is structurally sound, it does not guarantee a straight forward and painless renovation, overall costs, hidden costs, property constraints, council constraints and previous construction shortcuts can inhibit your plans for a major house renovation or cause you to go way over budget.

major home renovation feasibility

Seasoned home renovators and experienced Brisbane builders with great local knowledge will tell you, falling victim to unexpected home renovation problems can severely compromise your budget.

Whether you are buying a renovator or are looking to renovate your own home!

For potential home buyers…

Our Feasibility Study has been a deciding factor for many of our clients purchasing a home in Brisbane, in a number of cases the information provided in our Feasibility Study has been the catalyst for price reductions, and others have used the Feasibility Study to define their overall renovation budget prior to making an offer or attending an auction.

For existing home owners…

It has been a deciding factor for homeowners unsure whether to renovate/extend or sell their home and purchase a larger property; other home owners want to be fully informed about their existing properties restrictions and restraints prior to planning a renovation or who want project costs defined for financing purposes.


Having worked with many home owners over the years, we have learned that being ‘renovation prepared’ means different things to different people, it has become clear that our Feasibility Study helps to better inform Brisbane home owners and potential home owners before they become too heavily invested in their major home renovation.

About SEQ Building Design

At SEQ Building Design we specialize in designing and engineering plans for pre and post war Brisbane homes, for 20 years we have been negotiating problematic Brisbane property sites, stringent council codes and building codes to deliver beautiful and functional renovated homes for our clients.

major home renovation plans

The Feasibility Study came about from regular enquiries from people either about to purchase a home in Brisbane or already own a home looking for a degree of assurance around what the can and can’t do with their property along with associated costs.

SEQ Building Design Feasibility Study

To meet the needs of existing and potential Brisbane home owners we formalized our knowledge and experience into a concise 12 page report that we complete for people requiring independent advice before proceeding with the renovation of their Brisbane homes. We call it the SEQ Building Design Feasibility Study.

If you are about to purchase a property, own a property and about to renovate or investigating finance options for a major renovation to book your Feasibility Study by calling SEQ Building Design on 07 3257 7224


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