House Renovation Costs

House Renovation Costs

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At SEQ Building Design our experience and close relationships with Brisbane builders and private certifiers has given the team a great understanding of the renovation costs associated with residential projects in the greater Brisbane area.

Over the years we have compiled a number of useful resources that our clients (past, present and future) have found extremely useful.

Within this article, we have pulled together a number of articles spread throughout the world wide web and throughout the SEQ Building Design website, each of these resources below contains information specific to Renovation Costs for the Brisbane area.

By bringing this information into one location we hope it will help you become better informed about the renovation costs for any proposed work you are considering for your Brisbane home.

Associated Articles – Renovation Costs

Renovation costs pie chart

Costs Breakdown – Brisbane House Extension

Recently we have completed a number of 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom / 1 ensuite / living area Brisbane house extensions, the above project costs breakdown is based on cost averages for this project type.
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Renovation costs pie chart

Costs Breakdown – Average Brisbane House Raise and Build in Under

The costs breakdown we have provided is based on indicative costs for a $260,000 Brisbane House Raise and Build In Under.
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Associated Downloads – Renovation Costs Guides (registration required)

Renovation costs guide extensions

Costs Guide – Renovation and Extensions

Included in this costs guide is free advice on extensions and renovations, including a sample costs plan for home additions. Learn what is required to successfully complete a major extension or renovation and an idea on the costs associated.
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Renovation costs guide raise and build in under

Costs Guide – House Raise and Build In Under

Included in this cost guide is free advice on raising and building in under your classic Queenslander, what’s required to complete a major renovation project like this and an idea on the costs associated.
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In Addition…

As a cheeky addition, we have also included a great article that provides a very honest account of what the SEQ Building Designers seek to achieve when working on their clients homes. Very informative if you are considering pursuing a custom design for your Brisbane home.
Renovation costs Plans

8 Things Brisbane Building Designers Want You To Know…

We have interviewed three Brisbane building designers from SEQ Building Design to get their perspective on everything that makes it in to a set of plans and the ‘behind the scenes’ work necessary for designing beautiful Brisbane Homes.
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Feel free to leave your comments below, we love feedback and shared renovation experiences or contact us directly on 07 3257 7224 if you have any questions surrounding Renovation Costs for your project.


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