How will the proposed Brisbane City Plan affect your Renovation?

How will the proposed Brisbane City Plan affect your Renovation?

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Brisbane City Councils Draft New City Plan (Due for completion late 2013 / early 2014) has been released, providing a blueprint for Brisbane’s growth over the next 20 years, still maintains a focus on protecting the city’s character.

Included below are areas of the plan that will affect residential developments…

Heritage Protection and your home

Proposing a Heritage Overlay Code, all redevelopments of heritage properties will continue to require Council approval, in some instances, development of sites adjoining a heritage place will also be subject to Council approval.

Restrictions will be placed on areas of buildings built in 1946 or before, protecting from development that would diminish character or alter the contribution to streetscapes. In addition, the draft new City Plan will protect and retain buildings built prior to 1911 from development across all areas of Brisbane.

Development Assessment – Good News for Designers

Current development applications lodged with council under Brisbane’s current ‘City Plan 2000’ are assessed based on Gross Floor Area (GFA). GFA refers to the maximum amount of floor space a building can have on a particular-sized block.

The Draft New City Plan proposes to use form-based assessment, promoting better design. Form-based assessment concentrates on the building shape or scale that is being proposed, rather than on the floor area.

Note: The small-lot code will remain unchanged, and continue to protect the character and over development of Brisbane residential areas.

Going Green with new home designs

The draft new City Plan will require that new buildings incorporate subtropical design principles such as cross- ventilation, sun shading of openings such as eaves, and suitable building orientation.

Designing for Sub-tropical environments focus’ on 3 key areas:

  • Temperature control
  • Sun control
  • Air movement and humidity

Well-designed subtropical places will include:

  1. Promote local character and identity
  2. Have a strong connection between indoors and outdoors
  3. Are ecologically sustainable
  4. Are cost-effective over time

Additional residential Development Options

After the January 2011 flood event, Council introduced the Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI). It allows for buildings in flood-affected areas to be raised so that the highest point of the roof is a maximum of 9.5 metres, before requiring Council approval.

The draft new City Plan proposes to make this a permanent rule that will apply to all of Brisbane. It enables more flexible building design and means renovators, builders and home owners will have more construction options to address flooding concerns.

Natural Disasters in Brisbane

Council is changing its response to how it plans for natural disasters accounting for Brisbane’s climate and geographical location. The draft new City Plan will enable, in many cases, home owners to develop without the need for development approval as long as set criteria and standards are met.

The draft new City Plan will classify properties into categories that describe the likelihood of natural hazards occurring and outline how development can occur in a safe and resilient manner within each category e.g. flood, landslides and bushfire.


The complete Draft New City Plan for Brisbane is available here, along with contact details so you can have your say.

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