Plan a Successful Raise and Build In Under

Plan a Successful Raise and Build In Under

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Raising and building in under your Queenslander home can be a stressful and complicated project, even for the seasoned professionals. It is all too common for house raising projects to end up way over budget, costing home owners more than they can afford. Being equipped with the right information from the beginning can save you from shelling out more than you bargained for.

Follow these steps to plan a successful and hassle-free house raise:

Have an Action Plan and Stick To It

This includes setting a limit on what you can afford before commencing your investigation work, if you find the majority of costs are coming in well over what you can afford, this project is probably not feasible right now (view our costs guide for indicative pricing). You should also have a clear picture in mind of your desired outcome and allocate a time frame, raising a Queenslander is not an overnight project and temporary accommodation will contribute to your costs.

Formalise Your Plans

Before you can receive accurate quotes from contractors you will need design and structural plans completed. This will also highlight any property restrictions and encumbrances that may add costs and allow you to properly compare quotes when engaging multiple contractors to quote on your raise and build in under business.

Keep It Legal

Your building designer will advise you on your regulatory requirements for raising and building in under. Prior to commencing it is always wise to sit down with a planning professional and discuss what requirements and restrictions are specific to your property and how this will affect the overall costs of raising your home.

DIY or Do I Hire?

Whichever you choose make sure you know the costs. If you choose to do it yourself be very confident you have the right skills and experience or you may pay more in the long run, if you will be completing part of the project yourself then make a list and be upfront with your contractors about your level of involvement. If you choose to hire contractors then get multiple quotes and only sign a binding contract that has been independently checked.

The Over / Under Principle

This goes for any budget, overestimate your expenses and under estimate the income. By allocating an additional 10% to your forecast house raising figures you provide a significant margin for unexpected expenses, it’s not uncommon for variations or increases to prime costs during your project. With a financial buffer in place any costs saving during your raise and build is added to your back pocket.

Follow in the Footsteps of Others

Listen to friends, family and associates who have raised their homes, while every property is different there are varying degrees of complicated, through talking to others you learn from their experiences and mistakes. It’s these conversations that provide clues for the right questions to ask your contractor before commencing your raise and build in under project.

SEQ Building Design has over 20 years’ experience designing and planning the old ‘Up and Under’ for Queenslander homes, so if you are planning a raise call the team on 07 3257 7224 for your design and structural plans.

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