Six reasons to engage a building designer

Six reasons to engage a building designer

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Major renovations can be a great experience, mapping out the perfect space, adding your personal touch and constructing something that is truly your own. Once you make the decision to renovate you will become more aware of home-reno shows, pester friends and family about your ideas and their thoughts and… sometimes… you may even find yourself at open-homes searching for inspiration.

As fun as this is, there are challenges associated with major renovations that can test your patience and often the bank balance.

Seasoned professionals who have forged there experience through trial and error will understand the need for a strong support network when embarking on a major renovation for the first time; and the advice and experience of a building designer will go a loooooooong way to ensure your major home renovation is a smooth and trouble free experience that you will enjoy rather than loath.

Let me explain why…

1.       We are all time poor!

There is plenty to manage day-to-day, add to this all the research relating to approvals, council requirements, sourcing and juggling contractors and you will really have your hands full.

At SEQ Building Design we see our role as more than just a provider of house plans; we are your pre-construction advocate. In addition to acting as your sounding board for design ideas, we offer advice to enhance the way you use your spaces, provide advice on material options / alternatives, new technologies which can save money or offer more energy efficient outcomes and negotiate council and regulatory codes so you are free to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of home design.

If there are project problems or challenges, these will be flagged upfront along with appropriate options / alternatives for your consideration. Often people run short on project budgets due to unexpected problems that are uncovered too far into the project to be rectified without substantial cost.

2.       A Building Designer understands the overall construction process

Creating plans for the construction of your home is a very involved job; there are Australian construction standards, council codes, approval criteria that all need to satisfied before construction can commence.

Considering your house plans form the instructions for the construction of your home, specialist experience will ensure your specific home design project will be completed in an efficient and exact manner e.g. designing and engineering for a Queenslander Raise and Build-in under is substantially different to a new single story brick home.

Renovating a Queenslaner vs. a New Home

At SEQ Building Design our areas of experience can be seen in our project gallery and 3D design gallery, if you see a project that is similar to what you are looking to achieve then call us, we’re more than happy to have a chat.

3.       We know how to bring it all together

Working with existing homes presents a different set of challenges to designing a brand new home; this is brought about by the need to integrate new and existing structural elements. A Queenslander for example may have been built in the 1920’s, had an extension done in the 80’s, renovated early 2000’s and is now about to undergo a Raise and Build, Deck addition and floor layout reconfiguration.

Sometimes design practicality needs to be considered alongside structural practicality otherwise construction costs can skyrocket.

It is not all doom and gloom though, having the right professionals on your side who knows what to look for and how to integrate your old spaces with your proposed additions will not only add value to your home but will speed up work and minimize potential problems that can add costs.

For more information see 8 things your building designer wants you to know

4.       We’re your advocate not just your designer

A building designer works closely with you to bring your ideas to life; the process of exploring your needs, adjusting concepts and polishing the final design to a point where you are 100% satisfied is a rewarding process and one that requires a lot of communication.

During the design process we learn a lot about our clients requirements and our clients often draw from our experience for support during both the design and construction phases, whether to discuss something specific with their chosen builder, recommend contractors, provide unbiased advice on a concern or handle a problem that can arise with a contractor… In many cases, low cost service providers are unwilling to provide this same level of support or just don’t know enough about the construction process to help.

5.       Great attention to detail and sense of space

A question we get asked a lot is “So how big should ______ room be?” room sizes are never really considered unless the room is too small or you decide to do some remodeling. Our role as building designers is to steer you in the right direction spatially, providing sound advice based on how you use the space, size of your family (or furniture) or creating functional open planned living to let more light and air in without losing that homely feel.

building designer has great spatial awareness

A functional space can mean something totally different to a young bachelor compared to a family with three kids, or it may be determined by the street location, a home’s orientation or if views are involved. We often consider the consequences of configuration changes and bring to our clients attention any concerns they may not have considered, no matter how small, we know to create the right home for our clients every detail counts.

6.       Access to other skilled professionals

Good plans deserve a good builder. We are passionate about the quality and service we provide and want that same level of satisfaction to continue right through our clients build, that is why we are more than happy to recommend builders we have had working experience with.

access to other skilled professionals

Many of our clients are attracted by previous projects we have worked on and are after the same builder, or perhaps have a budget or timeframe that they are looking to stick too and need some advice on which contractor is able to achieve this.

We are in regular contact with local suppliers and contractors and have a thorough understanding of the quality of their work, areas of specialization and personality fit.


At the end of the day it is important to feel comfortable with your designer and be confident they will listen to your requirements and deliver the results you are after… We believe there is no better way to find this out than to sit down and have a conversation with your potential building designer.

If you are considering a major home renovation and would like to speak to an SEQ building Designer then please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 07 3257 7224.


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