Building in B.C.C. ‘Flood Planning Areas’

Building in B.C.C. ‘Flood Planning Areas’

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You can now see exactly how the Draft New City Plan will affect homes in Brisbane, following the release of interactive mapping, including flood zones.

The new mapping was made available on the Brisbane City Council (BCC) website this week and enables homeowners to examine the impact of proposed flood planning provisions within the draft new city plan down to their individual block.

BCC has developed five “flood planning areas”…

FPAs are for river and creek flooding to guide new development in flood prone areas. Only new developments in the affected areas would be subject to proposed development assessment requirements.

The FPAs are designed to advise the susceptibility of flooding. Susceptibility is a combination of frequency of flooding, the flood depth and the speed at which the water is travelling.

Development regulations are tailored to each FPA. Planning controls are higher in areas when flood susceptibility is more frequent, and/or to a higher depth and/or in fast flowing water.

For example, the highest classification FPA1 indicates “flooding is very likely and there may be deep and/or very fast moving water” and would be subject to the highest development assessment requirements for any future development within that area.

The lowest, FP5 suggests “there is no recent history of flooding but there is potential for flooding”

Flood Planning Area Chart:

Brisbane Flood Planning Area Classifications

Councils planning chair Cr Amanda Cooper said 72,000 sites across the city, including properties and public spaces, fell under the five categories across all flood types.

You can access the Floodwise Property report directly from this link –

Choosing a designer or drafts person that has experience navigating complex planning issues can ensure you have someone on your side who knows how to achieve your design without having to compromise.

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