Brisbane Draftsman

Brisbane Draftsman

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As far as house plans go finding a Brisbane draftsman locals know comes down to an operator with extensive local knowledge; often this can be the difference between a hassle-free, easy building approval or a project that is complicated and costly.

Your draftsman should have a thorough understanding of local council requirements, earned their stripes so to speak. If you have ever tried for a straight answer from council you’ll have a good understanding of what ‘conflicting information’ is all about, often where grey areas exist in council codes, previous council decisions are not documented or published so extensive local area experience is a must for your Brisbane draftsman to quickly identify concerns and achieve a favorable resolution on your behalf without contributing to your costs.

Experienced Brisbane Draftsman

For a Brisbane draftsman experience is more than just creating house plans, having experience with home design, town planning, construction and even as far as having been in your shoes and undertaken a renovation or new build of their own goes a long way to delivering the right outcome at the right price.

The right draftsman is often the Brisbane draftsman builders and certifiers recognize as a trusted and reputable service provider.

Does your draftsman know, or are they willing to explain the whole process?

Plans are only the beginning and if you are conducting your research then information that’s not provided can equate to costs you haven’t budget for. Many companies only provide drafting services and are often not willing to complicate or scare away business with down-stream costs. At SEQ Building Design we thrive on referrals, new clients are regularly referred and we guess it’s because our services cover the complete pre-construction stage, we never hesitate to explain exactly what’s involved right from the beginning so our clients are not exposed to hidden costs later on.

Hidden costs may be as small as a soil test or survey, right up to a development application or worse still council rejecting your planned renovation work.

Is your draftsman versatile?

Versatile Draftsman Brisbane

Every house is different and the same can be said for individual renovation requirements. Ensure your Brisbane drafter is competent with different types of design, especially for complex requirements like a DCP or character coded property or if you require a split level home, intricate stair addition for your raise and build or a complex roof design that will really set your home apart from the neighbors; a quick portfolio check prior to engaging your draftsman will give you a valuable insight.

Friendly and professional is a must…

Trusting your largest financial asset to a professional means you have to be confident that they will listen to your requirements, be attentive to your needs and be willing to accept your input and feedback in a professional manner. Planning your home should be an enjoyable experience and choosing a draftsman with the right attitude will go a long way to achieving this.

Take note, a friendly and professional disposition is also important when your draftsman is engaging with other contractors associated with your renovation. Rather than inspiring confidence in you and your contractors, a draftsman with a bad or stand offish demeanor can quickly get your builder, town planner, plumber and/or electrician offside. While this is a minor consideration there is no reason for complicating your major project.

With SEQ Building Design you are well supported, we often see home owners presented with changes to their planned work by the builder onsite. There is often a legitimate reason for changing the scope of work, but our clients benefit from peace of mind knowing they can call the team at SEQ Building Design for advice on the pros and cons of accepting any proposed construction changes.

Choosing a Brisbane draftsman

There are plenty of clues available to help you choose the right draftsman, familiarity with local codes, a willingness to explain what’s involved in your project, a sizable portfolio of completed projects and someone who is willing to meet with you, listen to you and understand what you want to achieve with your home is a great start.

Just make sure you remember, the lowest cost may not be the highest value, your best bet will be selecting a company who you believe will deliver the best outcome for your home because a few hundred dollars saved today could mean added expense later on or living with years of compromise.

For a Brisbane draftsman home owners recommend, talk to the friendly and professional team at SEQ Building Design call 07 3257 7224


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