Costs Breakdown – Brisbane House Extension

Costs Breakdown – Brisbane House Extension

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Many home owners contact us looking for indicative costs for their Brisbane house extension, usually as a way to improve the value of their property and/or to make way for a growing family. Determining the most cost effective way to achieve more space to a home can be difficult “Do we raise and build-in or extend?” Sometimes it is cheaper to sell up and buy a larger home… Perhaps with a better understanding of what’s involved in a Brisbane House Extension you may have a better idea what is right for your home.

South Brisbane house extension

Previously the team at SEQ Building Design looked at the Cost Breakdown for an average Brisbane house raise and build-in under where we addressed what’s involved in adding additional space through the old ‘up and under’, within this article we look at what is involved with a Brisbane house extension.

To begin with, it is worth noting that the Brisbane City Council codes are stringent…

Brisbane City Council Codes affect many Brisbane homes, especially when it comes to extension work, this article is prepared with information that may not reflect your individual property requirements or capabilities, if you are interested in what can be achieved at your property please feel free to contact the friendly team at SEQ Building Design on 07 3257 7224.

So what will impact your proposed Brisbane house extension?

Most Brisbane home owners who have lived in their homes for a while will have a pretty good idea of what their home requires to make it just right, so the challenge is usually how far can you extend?  As a rule of thumb the major factor will be budget but we will get to this, looking at what can be immediately achieved within the Brisbane council code you will need to consider proposed site coverage, proposed location of the Brisbane house extension and the proximity to your neighbouring properties; once these areas are defined you will have an extension footprint to work within, anything outside of this will require closer examination.

Double story rear house extension in Brisbane

As a Brisbane home design firm we like to closely examine how your extension will integrate with your existing home, this is an important factor to consider when it comes to existing rooflines, impact on floor configuration and natural light sources and your home’s overall design aesthetic. Good advice during the planning stage can make a huge difference to construction costs and your overall satisfaction.

With a general direction for your extension on paper you can look at where costs will be allocated:

Brisbane House Extension Costs Breakdown

Recently we have completed a number of 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom / 1 ensuite / living area Brisbane house extensions, the above project costs breakdown is based on cost averages for this project type.

Some cost areas such as roof, wall and floor framing are all dependent on the size of your proposed house extension, whereas areas such as bathrooms, painting and floor coverings offer obvious cost saving opportunities depending on your individual tastes.

It is worth noting that excessive finishes can easily turn a $140,000 project into a $180,000 – $200,000 extension for the same space gains, overall though your Brisbane house extension investment (done right) will improve your home’s livability and capital worth.

Modern rear Brisbane house extension

Is the design of your Brisbane house extension important?

The pre-construction requirements (design plans, engineering and building approval) play a pivotal role in shaping the right extension for your home and family’s (or individuals) needs, ensuring the right design and flow in the beginning will mean you won’t end up with a clunky and disjointed addition tacked onto your home.

Design and engineering also plays a very important role in your overall project where a minor planning error can result in substantial additional costs incurred during approval and construction or a poorly integrated design can impact your home’s potential capital improvement.

So why not choose to work with a building designer who understands Brisbane’s council codes and building costs, and who will be far more sensitive to your overall requirements and budget.

If you would like to discuss design options or would like to discuss plans for your Brisbane house extension call SEQ Building Design on 07 3257 7224.


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